Engaged in the performance art world since childhood, Kathey Leverton’s background as a former modern dancer and choreographer has given her a keen eye for lines and fluid movement.  Her travels around the world coupled with her love of discovering vintage gems and avant garde fashion, in thrift stores and flea markets, has defined her chic aesthetic and inspired her to create pieces that are contemporary, yet timeless.

The Leverton line is created by and for the fashionable and independent woman looking to combine cutting-edge design with practicality – a statement handbag for the modern woman.

Each Leverton handbag is artfully designed and handmade in Los Angeles featuring luxurious leathers, custom hardware and innovative style.  Subtle and thoughtful accents with attention to details are a product of Kathey’s fashion motto that “less is more.”  Her commitment to quality, craftsmanship and functional design has driven her to create a perfectly beautiful and functional accessory…
a handbag that has it all.